• What’s the point?

    The reason behind any human endeavor influences the final outcome of that endeavor, even (especially) the mundane tasks in our lives. For example, going to the store because the pantry is nearly empty will probably result in very different outcomes than than going to the store because of boredom or loneliness. See what I mean?

    I am of the belief that humans can best occupy themselves whilst alive on this planet by learning. Learning to do better and to be better. To think better and to love better. ‘Better’ might mean more effective or more fun or more interesting or whatever.

    On this ship, ‘better’ means moving away from automatic, unconscious feelings, thought, speech, and behavior towards conscious modes of the same processes.

    And it only stops when we die. (And maybe not even then!)

    Sure, there will be breaks along the way, but they are only small pauses with which to catch your breath.



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