• What does it mean?

    Taken with a grain of salt, if you really think about and then apply the concepts that I’m talking about here, you’ll find yourself with more options and probably a more enjoyable life experience (though do expect some turbulence along the way).

    The trouble with all this is that it takes a lot of work. It’s so very easy to build mental inertia in regards to how we think about the world. It will most probably require the sacrifice that feeling of being right┬áthat feels so good. And this is where most people will get tangled up, lost. I did and, sometimes, still do. I think it’s a near universal need of people to validate and feel confident in their identities and their belief system. It’s as if being wrong is somehow a threat to our survival. And perhaps it is on some of the more egocentric levels.

    Being wrong, or *gasp* admitting ignorance is so…faux pas. And that’s really too bad because the only way we can truly learn anything is to admit that we don’t know.

    Take a chance.


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