• Language is Powerful

    In our world of increasing ‘noise’–sounds, words, thoughts, lights, choices–most people forget how powerful language is. We’re constantly bombarded by words, messages, slogans, and jingles that we take language for granted and we fail to see it as a tool capable of altering perspectives and realities. If you’ve got any doubts about this, please go and read The Little Engine that Could again. The stories that we tell ourselves about the world shapes our perspectives of reality, which filters our choices on how we will interact with the world, which reduces the total number of responses that we can receive from the world. Effectively, our language has a large influence on what is possible for us at any given moment.

    Language is powerful.

    It acts like a bridge between the self and the world. Because it’s everywhere in our lives, we tend not to see it as often.

    A fish never discovered water.

    The language we use to describe…well, everything has profound implications on our lives. It can transform you from a victim to a hero, from a failure to an inventor in the blink of an eye.The stories we tell ourselves–and almost everything you say to yourself is a sort of story–about ourselves, the world, and the people in it shape our perspective of the world which influences the stories we tell ourselves, and on and on. It acts like a recursive function, the input determining the output determining the input, etc.

    You have much more control than you probably realize.

    Words are important.

    Language is powerful.



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